Supports and Services

Supports and Services

Electronics Surveillance systems integrate technologies of general computer techniques, DSP (digital signal processing), analogue and digital transmission, optical electronics (camera sensor and lens), television lines, networking (IP), cabling, and auto electronic control (motion detection). If you are not familiar with this field, leave the works to us. With our professional expertise and a large number of suppliers' technical teams, we will help you to find the best resolutions of your security or surveillance needs.

We endeavor to provide the best supports and services to our clients before as well as after sales. Prior to your purchase, you may consult us for appropriate products to suit your site requirements. You may get a quote from us for a customized package. These services are obligation free.

Products entered into the categories are part of our selling products only. You may inquiry security products like marine cameras, pinhole cameras, long distance transmission in a farm area with microwave technology, or super high resolution 600 TVL cameras. If you find our product pricing too low or too high, we would appreciate if you can remind us.


Some packages are based on plug and play D.I.Y. basis. CCTV cables are customized pre-made for you. We provide technical supports by phone, email or visiting our place. We organise installations for new systems. We also update existing systems.

We have professional contractors for installation of security systems and cabling. Sometimes cabling and installation may be more costing than equipments.

Technical Support

We have been providing excellent technical supports to our customers. However we only provide technical support to our direct customers, and our security resellers. If you have purchased our products from our security resellers, you would need to contact your service providers.

The best way to request technical support is to send us an email. Please include the invoice number, customer name on the invoice, purchase date, the device model, and questions you would like to ask.

You may be able to find the answer of your question in our technical support site