• 5-100mm Auto Iris Mega Pixel Lens

5-100mm Auto Iris Mega Pixel Lens with IR filter

It can be used for long distance surveillance. A body camera with this lens is able to read the plate number of a vehicle 100 meters away subject to other conditions. It would be used for a network camera as see fit.

Model / Item Code 34RC05100HIR
Focal Length: 5-100mm
Aperture (D/f) 1/1.6
Mount: CS
Format(inch): 1/2.7"
Fields of View D65° x H52° x V39° ~ D3.5° x H2.8° x V2.1°
Weight(g): 200g
Comment: Iris DC Drive, Focus and Zoom with locks

Other lenses are available in stock on 31/3/2018 below.
CS lens

fixed iris manual focus lens
31TN0288F 5 (2.8mm)
31TN0284F 1 (2.8mm)
31TN0616F 2 (6mm)
31TN0816F 5 (8mm)
31TN1216F 6 (12mm)
31TN1616F 3 (16mm)

manual iris varifocal lens
33TN0615V 1 (6-15mm)

auto iris varifocal lens
34TN2812A 2 (2.8-12mm)
34TN0358A 2 (3.5-8mm)
34TN0615A 1 (6-15mm)
34RC05100HIR 3 (5-100mm mega pixel IR lens)

board lens
33TN0309V.HIR 1 (3-9mm)

37TN0212B 2 (2.1mm)
37TN0282B 8 (2.8mm)
37TN0602B 6 (6mm)
37TN0802B 13 (8mm)
37TN1202B 6 (12mm)
37TN1602B 3 (16mm)
37TN2502B 2 (25mm)

3MP board lens
37MP1202B 3 (12mm)
37MP2812B 1 (2.8-12mm)

5-100mm Auto Iris Mega Pixel Lens

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